Planning for a film shoot

Planning a film shoot ? Here’s The #1 Way To Plan Your Film Shoot.

Planning for a film shoot
Planning for a film shoot

In the World of Filmmaking, Planning a film Shoot plays an important role. Our planning is what shall lead to an amazing output.

You must have an idea or story and you need to make it clear and simple. Write down your exact idea in 40 words, basically it is the one line of the story. After writing one line, you need to fix the treatment for your story in your mind.


Then you must convert your idea into a screenplay, here you can find simple steps to convert your idea to an epic Screenplay


planning a film shootNow you can make storyboards, so that your crew will get an exact idea of shots and angles. In most situations storyboards are used to draw complex shots/ scenes. But it’s really good to draw each and every shot even if they are simple, because using storyboards can simply convey the idea to the whole crew without consuming time while shooting.

You don’t have to be an expert artist to draw storyboards, you can even use stick characters in storyboard like shown below.

storyboard with stick figures
storyboard with stick figures

Or you can hire good artists to draw the entire storyboard.

Shot list

You have to arrange the shots and scenes for our convenience of shooting. Making a Shot list will help at each process of filmmaking- preproduction, production & post production. So make a shot list on the basis of shot (Medium, close-up, etc.) for respective scenes which includes location timings, angle, exceptional considerations and small brief about the action.

You can download film planning templates from online for Free.

Location Hunt & Visit

Go for a  location hunt and choose which is suitable for your movie, take snaps and compare. If you are trying to make a low budget film, always consider that while choosing locations (transportation, availability, stay etc.). Make sure there won’t be any interruptions by people or distracting sounds check the light, space to execute your shots.

You can even redraw the storyboard, if you find something amazing shots using the locations.

And one more thing, make sure you got all legal agreements related to the locations if any.


As per Quentin Tarantino, the best quality of a Good Filmmaker is to Hire Best Men for work.

Hire talented cinematographer, production designer, editor, Sound Designs, assistants, cast will make good output. Discuss about storyboards, shots, locations etc. with them once again, so they can easily understand your aim and they can also come up with better ideas.


Fix the camera, sound and lighting equipment with your crew members especially with your cinematographer. You should have a good bond with cinematographer. He is the one who copy the visuals in your mind to reel. And find good quality equipment get an awesome result. DSLR Cameras are
using for low budget filmmaking which also give good quality outputs.

planning a film shoot is not simple as you imagine so make sure you done it very well. make an awesome film.

Expecting your questions on comment box….. Keep Filming, Stay Motivated.

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